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A man removing a glass screen protector

Glass screen protectors do go through a beating after a few years of use. They are the shield, protecting our phones from scratch, cracks, and all other types of wear and tear. However, even as tough as they may be, they inevitably degenerate in quality from everyday use. Whether you use an iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, or any other manufacturer out there, this is the ultimate guide on removing a screen protector. If you have had to ask yourself the question, “how to remove screen protector?” This quick and easy DIY tutorial that will cost you nothing but a few home tools. If that sounds good, let’s get into it.

Tools for Removing the Screen Protector

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” That means the most important thing here is the tool. Perhaps, you can do it even faster with a chainsaw these days. Nonetheless, you get the message. In that same vein, there are some tools you need to gather before you begin. Luckily, all of these tools are tools that you already have in your household. Some of which are optional, while others are alternative to remove the glass screen protector.

  1. A toothpick 
  2. A credit card or business card
  3. A hairdryer
  4. Wet wipes

Step 1: Use the Toothpick to Lift a Corner

The first step is to use the toothpick to lift your glass screen protector’s top right corner. All you need to do with the toothpick is to get underneath the glass screen protector just enough to slide in the credit card or business card into that opening. Now, suppose you experience some difficulty or unsuccessful with the use of a toothpick. In that case, that is when you will need to use the hairdryer. So use the hairdryer to loosen the glue that holds the glass screen protector down.

Sidenote: These same steps apply to all other smartphones in the market.

Step 2: Use the Credit Card to Loosen the Screen Protector’s Edges

Once you’ve been able to lift the right corner of the screen with the toothpick and the credit card, remove the toothpick and slide the credit card all through the other three edges of the glass screen protector. You can also repeat this process one more time, so you leave no margin for error.

Step 3: Slowly and Carefully Pill Off the Screen Protector

With your credit card still at the top of the screen, slide the card from the top. The card should go through the middle and down to the bottom’s glass screen protector. You should also simultaneously inmate the glass screen protector away from your iPhone screen. The idea behind this is to slowly and gently remove the glass from home without damaging your actual screen. 

Step 4: Use Wet Wipes to Clear the Actual Phone Screen

Once the glass screen protector is removable from the phone, put it aside, and now pick up your wet wipes to clean your phone’s actual screen. Do this gently and carefully to remove dirt. 

And that’s a wrap. That is how to remove the glass screen protector from your iPhone or any other phone you might own. Please share this with somebody who wants to replace the glass screen protector on their phone.

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