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Your UK shopping partner

We are so thrilled and excited to announce Globalparcelforward (GPF), your UK shopping service, hurray! Here at Globalparcelforward, our aim to you, international customers, who shop from UK stores is to be your UK shopping partner all seasons of the year.

We are not just setup for shipping, we also offer UK personal shopping services. If you require any UK item, and perhaps do not know where to source for it, be rest assured that here at GPF, we pride ourselves in sourcing and delivering the best to our clients. Definitely, we have got your back all season with your shopping.

Another reason we are your UK shopping partner is because we also deliver your goods to you globally, supported by top-notch resources that will make your shopping and shipping a 5-star experience. So all you need do is select a membership type that suits you, register to get your free UK address, shop at your favorite UK online stores, or have us do it on your behalf using our personal shopper service, which is explained here, select and pay for your preferred shipping service once your item hits our warehouse, and you are automatically notified.

So why not sit back and relax while your item makes its way to you at your preferred destination.

You will definitely agree with us that we are certainly your UK shopping partner, so it is time to unwind, let loose and let us do the work for you. We certainly will not let you down.

You can chat with us directly by following this link, or send us a message on: our support page here. Feel free to also ring us during our office hours on: +44 1902 272004. For FAQ’s, read the information on: our FAQs page.

Here is your UK shopping partner wishing you a fun filled shopping experience!