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UK personal shopping service to international buyers

Are you in search of a free UK shipping address to store and forward goods globally to you at an international destination, provided by a reliable and forward thinking company? Look no further. We provide all UK shoppers and businesses, regardless of their destination, with a free mainland UK warehouse address, which is staffed 10 hours a day, during weekdays, excluding bank holidays, or 5 hours on Saturdays.

Once your parcel(s) is delivered to our warehouse, our in-house team send you an automatic notification prior to checking it into your allocated warehouse address. After confirming with you through our existing system, that the content(s) of your parcel is what you were expecting, you have the option of requesting photographs, leaving it in your warehouse address for up to 30 days, or choosing to have it shipped to you immediately.

If you decide to leave it in your free warehouse address, for the purpose of making further purchases, before requesting for it to be shipped to you; you are at liberty to request consolidation or repackaging of all your goods into one box. So, we don’t just provide you with a free UK shipping address to store and forward goods globally, we save you money too.

Our shipping rates are also very competitive and just about the best in the existing market. Don’t just take our words for it, follow this link to instantly see automatic estimates for shipping various sizes and weight of goods to you, at your international destination.

Our network of couriers can deliver your goods to you starting from as little as 2 days from when your goods are collected. You will also be able to track most of your packages through a tracking link from our system, on your preferred courier’s website.

If you wish to contact us regarding your specific need, feel free to send us a message through our support platform by following this link, or you can send a message directly to our support team via their email address on: [email protected]. If you prefer to chat with us, we can be reached online by following this link. You can also talk to us directly, through our telephone line, by calling us on: +44 1902 272004, during our office hours. Answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found on this page.

Now, stop worrying about how to receive goods from the UK, Join us today, and use our free UK shipping address to store and forward goods globally to you.