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Top Tips for Deals on Black Friday


Tips for Shoppers on UK Black Friday Deals

Did you know that despite the new Brexit rules you can still claim the 20% VAT (value-added tax) paid on goods purchased from UK stores and brand retailers? Well, you can. There is no better time to do that than during the UK Black Friday when you can buy your favourite items at unbelievable prices. Be sure to read our expert tips for shoppers so you can pay the lowest possible prices and claim an additional 20% off the deals you purchase this Black Friday.

Research the products you would like to purchase long before Black Friday

There is no point in grabbing deals that are of no use to you. Shoppers always battle to buy items they find offering cheap deals during the sales season. Many of these items end up not being used by the buyer. It is best to do your research on the products you would love to purchase during Black Friday. You can use customer reviews to make choices on which product is good and which isn’t.

Choose recognised brands over unusual ones

Apple is known for making iPhones, while Nike manufactures great shoes. What does Bluff make? You will find unbelievably cheap deals on Black Friday. Even more, you will find cheap deals from manufacturers you probably have never heard about. However, the fact that Bluff shows you a 4k TV with HDR functionality priced at £200 doesn’t mean the TV will arrive in the pristine form you saw on the website.

This doesn’t imply that every unpopular brand is bad. No. Rather, if a deal seems too fake to be true, it probably is fake. This is why we recommend you shop at recognised UK stores and brands. At Global Parcel Forward, we have access to more than 150 UK favourite stores and brands you can shop from and can get you great deals from top retailers like Amazon, Zara, and Ebay.

Research the price history before Black Friday

One tip for shoppers; Did you know that 85% of products advertised during the 2020 Black Friday were available for same or lower price in the preceding six months? Sellers use different tactics to drive sales including placing tags that tell buyers how much they are saving by buying certain products. Tags like “75% off”, “save 36%”, are strategies that sellers use to drive sales.

Another important tip for shoppers; you can use some web tools to check the product’s previous price before making a decision. You can use CamelCamelCamel to look at the price history for Amazon products, while Pricerunner has wider coverage.

Create a list of retailers selling the same item

UK Black Friday usually sees a surge in consumer activity which can cause some retailers’ websites to crash or run out of stock for certain products. For this reason, you should have a list of retailers selling the same item you want to purchase so that you won’t miss out on buying your favourite products.

Create your account in advance

UK Black Friday deals move so fast that you may miss out on a deal in minutes if you don’t purchase it the moment you find the price at its lowest. In this manner, you should create your online account on the retailers’ platform way before Black Friday. You should also enter all your payment and shipping details. You will have an edge over millions of buyers even if the website crawls on Black Friday.

Create a wishlist for Black Friday

Most retailers allow you to create a wishlist where you can add all the items you want to buy in one basket. A wishlist can also help you monitor the prices for all of your favourite products before and during Black Friday. Rather than navigating through the gazillions of items, you can check your wishlist to see which product is a great buy for the current price.

Don’t just spend. Earn.

There are cashback websites that offer you coupons that you can use to purchase other products. However, you shouldn’t let the allure of cashback push you to making poor decisions. If you are buying from outside the UK, we can help you get up to 20% off any purchase that you make and save up to 80% on your shipping cost. All you have to do is sign up or contact us.

The price matters, not the imaginary figure you are saving

Again, retailers exaggerate how much discount they are offering. You have to focus on the price each product is selling at, not the figure you might be saving. Many times, you are paying the exact figure for the product. So, it is better to look at the value you will be getting at what price.


Final Words

Black Friday is a few weeks from now. Every retailer wants to get a piece of the pie. If you want to get truly mouth-watering, cheap deals, Global Parcel Forward is the right place.

With our personal shopper service, we will help you make the right choices as you can shop with 150+ renowned stores and brands in the UK. As an international buyer, we can also help you claim up to 20% VAT and save up to 80% on your shipping cost.

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