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Black Friday for the year 2020 is already ongoing in some parts of the world. However, since the new sad development of the second wave of covid-19, you might be wondering if you can get anything in the UK as an international buyer. The good news is Black Friday in the UK will still hold. However, there are some changes to how it will play. We will have an in-depth look at the current second wave of COVID-19 and how it affects Black Friday in the UK.


The retail industry has seen a profound change in buyers’ behaviour toward purchases from retail stores, both online and in stores. Due to the pandemic, buyers have double their demands for delivery, which has been hard for every industry player. There have been work safety concerns and shipping delays all over the world. Not to forget that consumers are also going through job loss and a cloud of financial uncertainty. Going through all of these begs the question, where does this leave Black Friday for 2020?


Black Friday Will Hold

After the Prime Minister announced a second lockdown for the UK, the Black Friday shopping season and Christmas shopping spree have looked a bit wonky going into the month of November. But Black Friday will proceed as scheduled on 27 November.


Like you said earlier, Black Friday will happen this year. However, most of the actions will happen online, while in-stores will remain closed during the period. Some big-box retail stores might probably extend their online Black Friday shopping days. So as it stands, prepare to do a lot of your shopping through your laptops and mobile phones. 


More Days Will Get Labeled As Black Friday

Over the years, the amount of days used for Black Friday has increased from barely one to as much as five days. This year, we are also going to see ever more days for black Friday sales. The shopping spree will begin early and might take to the end of the month, if not surpassing it a bit. Most of these sales will see people buy some products pre-Black Friday and during Black Friday. This year, in general, you should expect pre-Black Friday sales and the actual Black Friday sale. 


These two sales methods will help people to buy more products during this period. Thus, allowing many stores such as Argos, John Lewis, and Currys to sell out their inventories. Amazon and Superdrug will be launching some deals early.


Retail Predictions for Black Friday 2020


The Newest Phones Will Come With Gift Cards

The newest phones will come with gift cards. If you wish to upgrade, probably from an iPhone 11 to an iPhone 12, you would be looking at a gift card as a bonus. 


More Bundles and Fewer Discounts On Gaming Consoles

Another market that will see a considerable difference this year will also be in the gaming category. While there might be no discount for Nintendo Switch, what you can expect is many bundles. So when it comes to PlayStation and Xbox, look out for bundles that could give you some benefits in terms of gift card games, accessories, carrying cases. These are freebies that can be a deciding factor when you want to buy.

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Toys Will Go Out Of Stock

In terms of discounts for toys, all the big players in Target, Walmart, and Amazon will have their top toys out of stocks before Black Friday. Based on what happened last year, you shouldn’t have to wait for Cyber Monday to get a deal.


Smart Home Tech Prices Will Be Very Low

Smart Home tech prices for this year will be lower than what they used to be. There is a massive market for these products, and there will be many sales.


The Year of Air Fryer

2020 will be the year for air fryers. So, air fryers last year had a large market turnout, and this year promises to be better. Shoppers will go all out to replace their old cookers with modern air fryers. So based on last year’s year’s air fryer deals, you can expect close to 50% of all popular products.


And that wraps it up! These are all some of what to expect and the predictions that we have for 2020. Have a fantastic Black Friday holiday season.