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To buy, store, and ship palletized goods from the UK have never been more comfortable. With UK international shipping service, you can get all you want and need. Palletized freight is an excellent option for customers with heavy or oversized parcels. If you wish to know how this solution works for international buyers, keep reading.


Many international forwarding services in the UK have partnerships with the world’s best carriers to provide palletized goods delivery for international buyers. For us at Global Parcel Forward, we aim to serve you with particular attention to your personal needs. We focus on equipping you with the best and lowest pallet shipping quote available for your international shipping needs. We understand that finding you the best pallet shipping rates helps you save money and resources.


When you ship or send pallets, you want to know that it will reach its destination damage-free and at the appropriate delivery date. We offer the UK’s best international shipping service and offer flat rate pallet shipping for global shoppers. Our team specializes in palletized goods and can help you develop a perfect customizable plan for your needs. If you plan on shipping more than 15 boxes, palletizing these goods will help you get a pallet freight quote that is pocket-friendly. That way, by combining all your orders into one and keeping your shipment together, all pieces won’t face misplacement or loss in the mail.


Here at Global Parcel Forward, we love to help our international shoppers with our UK’s shipping service. We receive and pack their pallets before forwarding it to them at their international destination. When loading a pallet, there are many things to be aware of to ensure the pallet reaches its destination without damage.


These are the extra precautions that we take at Global Parcel Forward to ensure each pallet is safe and secure:


  • We choose the right pallet either as a wood or a plastic skid.
  • We also see that the pallets are stackable for transit (Please, note when using our shipping service that all non-stackable pallets may incur an extra charge from the carrier).
  • Pack and prepare your palletized packing. We make sure the boxes are all bound with the right materials and secure.
  • Ensure that they are put together carefully on the pallet with the largest at the bottom.
  • Wrap the entire pallet tightly with shrink-wrap.
  • Use a good quality nylon strap, ensuring that your boxes are in place and secure at the bottom.


We use these same steps for our shipping service and all storage for international shoppers. With GlobalParcelForward.com, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your palletized UK goods are safe and secure. We have state-of-the-art and temperature-controlled warehouses for all relevant storage of goods for our international shoppers.


We are in the business of helping you make things easier and less stressful, and we love what we do. If you need excellent international shipping service from the UK or store your palletized UK goods, register here to start with international pallet shipping.