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Over the years, we have seen many parcels come and go at our warehouse; we thought to compile a list of the best selling products that frequent at our warehouse for you. Take a rare peek into our warehouse and see firsthand some of the UK’s most purchased products that may also interest you. Suppose you are also new to international shopping in the UK. In that case, this should give you some insider’s look into the products that have become very popular within the last two years.


Phone Accessories

The delivery of phone accessories has tripled with the last two years at our warehouse. Before then, it was a measly selection of phone accessories but not anymore. Now we get a truckload of phone accessories package. Their content includes phone cases, screen protectors, chargers, earphones, and phone grips; you name it. The selection is endless.


Women want to look their best under any dress. It is a popular trend in these last few years. Our warehouse has seen a lot of this shapewear lately than we can count. Whether it is shapewear that gives the perfect hourglass shape or the one made for the gym, there is plenty of options available in UK stores.

Athletic Products

Fitness has become a global trend that encourages everyone to workout and keep fit. With that purpose at heart, we receive dozens of these items per day from our current members. Whether you need a new yoga mat, a crystal-infused water bottle, or a new pair of slimming yoga pants, you can always find at the UK stores. 


What did we do before the days of being able to have technology straight to our wrists? Everyone wants a piece of these smart devices, and that’s understandable. Asides from the fact that they do have a fashion feel, they can help you live a healthier lifestyle. You can track your steps, heartbeat, or navigate to the local coffee shop. The possibilities are increasing by every new patch of update. These are wildly popular right now, and if you don’t have one or haven’t tried one, you should get one.

Indoor Herb Planting Accessories

People have grown more conscious of what they consume. That is one of the driving forces behind the popularity of indoor herb accessories. Nothing helps bring a little bit of nature indoors like being able to grow your herbs inside. You can go pretty low tech with just a basic set up, high tech with devices that will water your plants for you, or even come with little fish to fertilize your soil. Either way, these are small yet significant ecosystems that are fun to grow. They give you peace of mind because you are sure of its origin. The UK has some of the best herb planting accessories, which can be shipped right to your door once you purchase them.

Essential Oils

These fantastic little oils can do wonders for so many different conditions or ailments. And that’s because we’ve also taken an interest in their essential benefits. These oils can anxiety relief, calm your nerves, help you sleep, relieve headaches, and other gazillion uses for these oils. You can put them directly on your skin or in a diffuser. If you haven’t researched the many uses for essential oils, then you are missing out. They are brought in and out of our warehouse every single day.

Pet Accessories

We all love our pets. We have had more time to stay at home with our pet during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the trend to pimp up the pets haven’t slowed down. You can also choose from accessories and treats from the UK stores and have it shipped to you.

Fandom Themed Apparel and Accessories

Whatever you fancy, from movies to sports, and everything else, you’ll find in the UK. Whether you are hot for Star Wars, Marvel comics, or some other film trilogy, now you can shop until your little heart’s content for all your favorite stuff.

All of these items are some of the top-selling products that frequent our warehouse within the last two years. You can be sure to find them all at various stores in the UK. Our team at Global Parcel Forward can help you make shipping arrangements once you buy and move them to our warehouse. Learn how we open the gateway to UK international shopping and shipping today.