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It used to be challenging to get free parcel storage in the UK or shop in the UK as an international buyer. While many UK retailers did not ship internationally, others that did were expensive. Also, UK retailers did not accept foreign credit cards apart from the EU/UK cards. All these made it nearly impossible to shop in the UK.

While these were issues, International Buyers wanted more convenience. To have storage facilities for their packages where they can consolidate into one shipment at a later time became a priority.

Today, some of the UK’s best parcel forwarding reshippers now offer solutions to those concerns. Now, you can get a shipping address in the UK free. All you need to do to have your free UK shipping address is sign up for a membership plan with your UK parcel forwarding service company of choice.


Using a company like Global Parcel Forward specializing in free storage facilities in the UK can allow you to shop online easily. Your shipping address will hold your parcels until you are ready to ship out of the UK.

We provide free parcel storage in the UK. You can also have your items repackaged before forwarding it to you. We have top courier partners that provide international shipping at competitive prices, thanks to the weekly parcel volume we send. Visit Global Parcel Forward today to get the shipping address to shop in the UK.