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Amazon Overstock Vendor Return

Amazon Contacts You

So, FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) got in contact with you about your stock in their warehouse. They have now tagged it as overstock and marked it for vendor return. That is either because it did not sell over a period of time or is nearing its expiry date. Regardless of the reason, to recover the Amazon overstock to you could prove a daunting task. That is especially true if you reside in a different country.

Due to the short notice, you must be ready to have your Amazon overstock sent back to you as quickly as possible. That is especially true if, during your registration, you identified as a UK business on the Amazon UK platform. If you’ve ever wondered where to return Amazon parcels in the UK. This article is specifically for you.

What You Could Do

Without a presence in the UK or an Amazon pallet return address, this could quickly become a problem. However, rather than find ways to send the Amazon overstock back to your country, you could still sell it in the UK. As you have had to pay a lot of money to get it Amazon UK, you shouldn’t have to incur extra expenses over shipping.

As you may already know, while sending it back to you is an option, Amazon is under no obligation to help with that. And that is right so because of the agreement you have with them. They are covered by the deal’s terms, which clearly explain their right to return overstock items to vendors under certain conditions. The deal is also holding to the fact that your registration with them was as a UK business.

Where to Return Amazon Parcels in the UK

This is why you need a reliable UK business partner with the relevant expertise and physical resources, which you can call upon for help.

Such a business must have a UK warehouse that serves as your Amazon overstock return address. The capacity to receive your amazon overstock,  inspect the items, and store the packages for an agreed period are some of the services that you need.

That business partner should also be able to ship the overstock item(s) to you at your international destination. And also provide you with an economical shipping courier cost.

Also, the providence of selling the Amazon overstock on your behalf within the UK should be available. This essentially saves you from the worries that come with Amazon overstock. When you decide to sell the overstock, such a business should be flexible enough to help you ship individual parcels to your customer’s address after confirmation of payment.

You can count on us at Global Parcel Forward to help store your Amazon overstock and check each item(s). Once we receive the items, we enter the details into our system for you to see and manage from any part of the world. Please speak to us today by either ringing us on +44 1902 272004 or chat with us here. You can also submit a new support ticket by either sending a message to [email protected] or signup with us here.