Create Your UK Shopping List:

Global Parcel Forward empowers international shoppers with a simplified UK shopping experience followed by reliable global delivery. Our process is straightforward:

Fill out a request form with your preferred items from any UK retailer.

Photo of a desktop with a notebook opened to a page titled 'UK Shopping List'. Items like 'British jams', 'UK skincare', 'English novels', and 'London
A digital tablet displaying an invoice with clear itemized costs, all in £ symbols. The tablet rests on a table with a blue cloth, ne

Receive a Transparent Quote:

Get a detailed quote covering product costs, service fees, and shipping charges.

Smooth Checkout:

Pay securely using a variety of international credit cards

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We Handle the Shopping:

Once payment is confirmed, we order, receive, and prepare your items for global delivery.

Strategic Storage & Shipping Solutions:

Benefit from our strategic storage solutions, hassle-free returns, optimised consolidation, responsible package disposal, and thorough package inspection to ensure the best parcel forwarding experience.

DALL·E 2023-10Illustration of a detailed global map with dotted lines in green, blue, and white colors connecting various points, symbolising strategic shipping rou

A Hassle Free Way to Shop from the UK

Discover a hassle-free way to shop from the UK and ship internationally with Global Parcel Forward. Register now and unlock a world of UK shopping possibilities at your fingertips.