Best Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for Friends and Family


Thanksgiving is a period of celebrating with loved ones and being thankful; you also need to explore the best thanksgiving gift ideas for gifts to buy when going for that dinner so you can show your friends and family just how much they mean to you.

Going to a thanksgiving dinner without gifts is subpar, especially because you know your host will be taking their time preparing a great meal. Many times too, the hosts are friends, family and coworkers who we share a special bond with. Hence, it becomes even more important to go with some of the best thanksgiving gift ideas one can find.

A small thanksgiving gift can go a long way in deepening your relationship with the other party as it shows that you think about them and do care about the bond between both of you. If you have been thinking about the best thanksgiving gift ideas that you can present to your host and are yet to make a decision, here is guide you can follow.

This article contains the best thanksgiving gift ideas for family and friends, seniors, kids, spouses, veterans, colleagues, and relatives. Additionally, all the gifts are available on Amazon. So, you can click the link to buy your desired best thanksgiving gifts.

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Now, let’s walk you through the best thanksgiving gift ideas in the UK for 2021.


Best Thanksgiving Gift Ideas 2021

Retro Blessings “101 Blessings of Grace” Cards – A Box of Blessings

This thanksgiving gift idea is of convenient size that you can tuck in your purse, car console, or tote bag. It includes inspirational and scriptural quotes that can uplift the recipient each time it is looked at.

An ideal thanksgiving gift for seniors, this is a gift that will be received with smiles and appreciation as it underlines your thoughtfulness for the recipient. Click here to buy.


Chansaya Blankets

This is the ideal thanksgiving gift for your girlfriend, a female coworker, or a female senior. It is especially thoughtful for those who may be depressed, unhappy, sick, or undergoing chemotherapy. It is equally an excellent choice for someone who isn’t going through any of these.

The blanket brings warmth, comfort, and bond to a family. It expresses just how much you love and care for her. It is a timely gift for the occasion. Here is a link to purchase the gift.


Yamonic Preserved Real Rose in Glass

Another excellent thanksgiving gift. For females, the Yamonic Preserved Real Rose in Glass contains real flowers that are made with natural rosary which is a distinctive preservation technology that is able to maintain the shape, colour, and texture of fresh cut flowers.

This thanksgiving gift idea is a symbol of unlimited love and beauty. It is a flawless gift that your significant other will cherish. It is available here.


DOWAN Ceramic Coffee Mugs with Words

While you can purchase just any generic mug on the internet and in malls, this DOWAN ceramic coffee mugs come with kind and lovely words that would grace the occasion. It is also a thanksgiving gift idea for just anyone including your boyfriend, a senior, or a colleague at school or work. If you would like to check it out, click this link.


Remarkable Gift Co. Sweet and Savoury Collection

This gift basket is the absolute deal if you are thinking of the best thanksgiving gifts for kids. It is a collection of premium cookies, chocolates, and more filled in one luxury basket. There is also fine wine, cheese, meat, variety of fruits, and other items contained in this basket.

Whether the kids you want to present this to love balloons or they cherish premium chocolates and cookies, there is more than one thing to get them excited the moment they receive this gift from you. You should head over to Amazon to buy this collection.



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UK Black Friday Deals: Tips for Shoppers Outside the UK


Tips for Shoppers on UK Black Friday Deals

Did you know that despite the new Brexit rules you can still claim the 20% VAT (value-added tax) paid on goods purchased from UK stores and brand retailers? Well, you can. There is no better time to do that than during the UK Black Friday when you can buy your favourite items at unbelievable prices. Be sure to read our expert tips for shoppers so you can pay the lowest possible prices and claim an additional 20% off the deals you purchase this Black Friday.

Research the products you would like to purchase long before Black Friday

There is no point in grabbing deals that are of no use to you. Shoppers always battle to buy items they find offering cheap deals during the sales season. Many of these items end up not being used by the buyer. It is best to do your research on the products you would love to purchase during Black Friday. You can use customer reviews to make choices on which product is good and which isn’t.

Choose recognised brands over unusual ones

Apple is known for making iPhones, while Nike manufactures great shoes. What does Bluff make? You will find unbelievably cheap deals on Black Friday. Even more, you will find cheap deals from manufacturers you probably have never heard about. However, the fact that Bluff shows you a 4k TV with HDR functionality priced at £200 doesn’t mean the TV will arrive in the pristine form you saw on the website.

This doesn’t imply that every unpopular brand is bad. No. Rather, if a deal seems too fake to be true, it probably is fake. This is why we recommend you shop at recognised UK stores and brands. At Global Parcel Forward, we have access to more than 150 UK favourite stores and brands you can shop from and can get you great deals from top retailers like Amazon, Zara, and Ebay.

Research the price history before Black Friday

One tip for shoppers; Did you know that 85% of products advertised during the 2020 Black Friday were available for same or lower price in the preceding six months? Sellers use different tactics to drive sales including placing tags that tell buyers how much they are saving by buying certain products. Tags like “75% off”, “save 36%”, are strategies that sellers use to drive sales.

Another important tip for shoppers; you can use some web tools to check the product’s previous price before making a decision. You can use CamelCamelCamel to look at the price history for Amazon products, while Pricerunner has wider coverage.

Create a list of retailers selling the same item

UK Black Friday usually sees a surge in consumer activity which can cause some retailers’ websites to crash or run out of stock for certain products. For this reason, you should have a list of retailers selling the same item you want to purchase so that you won’t miss out on buying your favourite products.

Create your account in advance

UK Black Friday deals move so fast that you may miss out on a deal in minutes if you don’t purchase it the moment you find the price at its lowest. In this manner, you should create your online account on the retailers’ platform way before Black Friday. You should also enter all your payment and shipping details. You will have an edge over millions of buyers even if the website crawls on Black Friday.

Create a wishlist for Black Friday

Most retailers allow you to create a wishlist where you can add all the items you want to buy in one basket. A wishlist can also help you monitor the prices for all of your favourite products before and during Black Friday. Rather than navigating through the gazillions of items, you can check your wishlist to see which product is a great buy for the current price.

Don’t just spend. Earn.

There are cashback websites that offer you coupons that you can use to purchase other products. However, you shouldn’t let the allure of cashback push you to making poor decisions. If you are buying from outside the UK, we can help you get up to 20% off any purchase that you make and save up to 80% on your shipping cost. All you have to do is sign up or contact us.

The price matters, not the imaginary figure you are saving

Again, retailers exaggerate how much discount they are offering. You have to focus on the price each product is selling at, not the figure you might be saving. Many times, you are paying the exact figure for the product. So, it is better to look at the value you will be getting at what price.


Final Words

Black Friday is a few weeks from now. Every retailer wants to get a piece of the pie. If you want to get truly mouth-watering, cheap deals, Global Parcel Forward is the right place.

With our personal shopper service, we will help you make the right choices as you can shop with 150+ renowned stores and brands in the UK. As an international buyer, we can also help you claim up to 20% VAT and save up to 80% on your shipping cost.

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Top 5 Kids Karaoke Machine on Amazon

Children love to have fun. It is what keeps them going, and as parents, we cannot fault that. If you have children that love to get on stage and sing, you can help them along on that journey. One of the ways children have fun is through karaoke machines for kids. It is easier to have your kids learn from playful experiences. Kids like to express their inner voice and sing their favourite songs. Suppose you are an international buyer in the UK looking to buy kids karaoke machines; this article lines up 5 of the best kids karaoke machines to buy on Amazon in the UK.

The RockJam Party Karaoke Machine with Bluetooth

As of this article’s writing, this is the best value for money kid karaoke machine in the u.k. It has a higher rating on Amazon, having 4.5 out of 5 stars. Also, one of Amazon’s choices, which means it is a highly recommended product at an affordable rate. It comes with Bluetooth that you can quickly pair with your device and less than 10 seconds. Supporting the children’s karaoke machine is also a 10 Watt speaker and two microphones for your kids to sing their hearts out. You will find this product on Amazon for as low as £36.08.

View product here.

RockJam RJSC01-BK Singcube Rechargeable Bluetooth Karaoke Machine

Here is another children’s karaoke machine that is very popular on Amazon. It is one of the people’s favourites with over 918 ratings on Amazon. It comes from the makers of the first product above. Supporting this kids’ karaoke machine is two microphones, allowing your kids to perform a duet. It also has lightning speed Bluetooth connection and speakers. It is also a portable Kids karaoke machine that you can take with you if you need to move around. The price is also affordable at £30.

View product here.

Pure Acoustics MCP-20 Portable Bluetooth Karaoke Machine Speaker

For this kid karaoke machine, you can use a USB port and SD card slot. That especially can come in very handy if you are not a parent who doesn’t have much kid-friendly music on your smartphone. You can quickly put a playlist of kid-friendly songs on the flash drive and connect to a karaoke machine for kids. It comes with a Bluetooth connection and high-quality sounds 4-inch woofers. Also, it had a microphone and headphone connection jack. You can conveniently carry it around with you if you need to move as it is also portable.

View product here.

Anpro Kids Karaoke Machine

Anpro Kids Karaoke Machine is one that children would love. It is an aesthetically pleasing design for kids in purple and pink colours. The rating on Amazon for this product is 4.1 out of 5 from over 100 ratings. Moreover, the Anpro Kid Karaoke Machine also is an Amazon choice product, meaning it is well priced, and many people like it. It is even more affordable than most of the products above, costing £21.99. It is a standing kid karaoke machine; however, you can adjust the height from 18 inches to 31 inches depending on how tall or short your kid is. On Amazon, the makers claim to make this product from high-quality abs and electronic components. If there is anything to go by, Amazon’s reviews appear to solidify that claim. It is suitable for both boys and girls who want to share their talents.

View product here.

Entertainer Boombox Karaoke Machine

This karaoke machine for kids comes with built-in disco light and Bluetooth collection, including 80 hit songs appropriate for kids. It comes with two wired microphones and a free CDG karaoke disc. You can find more information or details about this Kids karaoke machine and Amazon.   

View product here.

Treat your kids with the best value that you can find on Amazon right now. Help them along on their journey to become superstars by self-expressing their inner voice. Likewise, a karaoke machine can also help them deal with stage fright and improve other learning forms by singing songs during this Christmas and holiday season.

If you have any trouble buying any of these products, reach out to us at Global Parcel Forward. We will help you with these products’ procurements, starting with shopping, storage, and shipping service. We ship from the UK to anywhere in the world that you might want this proves to be. Learn more at to get started with a free UK shipping address.


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Black Friday and the Second Lockdown in the UK

Black Friday for the year 2020 is already ongoing in some parts of the world. However, since the new sad development of the second wave of covid-19, you might be wondering if you can get anything in the UK as an international buyer. The good news is Black Friday in the UK will still hold. However, there are some changes to how it will play. We will have an in-depth look at the current second wave of COVID-19 and how it affects Black Friday in the UK.


The retail industry has seen a profound change in buyers’ behaviour toward purchases from retail stores, both online and in stores. Due to the pandemic, buyers have double their demands for delivery, which has been hard for every industry player. There have been work safety concerns and shipping delays all over the world. Not to forget that consumers are also going through job loss and a cloud of financial uncertainty. Going through all of these begs the question, where does this leave Black Friday for 2020?


Black Friday Will Hold

After the Prime Minister announced a second lockdown for the UK, the Black Friday shopping season and Christmas shopping spree have looked a bit wonky going into the month of November. But Black Friday will proceed as scheduled on 27 November.


Like you said earlier, Black Friday will happen this year. However, most of the actions will happen online, while in-stores will remain closed during the period. Some big-box retail stores might probably extend their online Black Friday shopping days. So as it stands, prepare to do a lot of your shopping through your laptops and mobile phones. 


More Days Will Get Labeled As Black Friday

Over the years, the amount of days used for Black Friday has increased from barely one to as much as five days. This year, we are also going to see ever more days for black Friday sales. The shopping spree will begin early and might take to the end of the month, if not surpassing it a bit. Most of these sales will see people buy some products pre-Black Friday and during Black Friday. This year, in general, you should expect pre-Black Friday sales and the actual Black Friday sale. 


These two sales methods will help people to buy more products during this period. Thus, allowing many stores such as Argos, John Lewis, and Currys to sell out their inventories. Amazon and Superdrug will be launching some deals early.


Retail Predictions for Black Friday 2020


The Newest Phones Will Come With Gift Cards

The newest phones will come with gift cards. If you wish to upgrade, probably from an iPhone 11 to an iPhone 12, you would be looking at a gift card as a bonus. 


More Bundles and Fewer Discounts On Gaming Consoles

Another market that will see a considerable difference this year will also be in the gaming category. While there might be no discount for Nintendo Switch, what you can expect is many bundles. So when it comes to PlayStation and Xbox, look out for bundles that could give you some benefits in terms of gift card games, accessories, carrying cases. These are freebies that can be a deciding factor when you want to buy.

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Toys Will Go Out Of Stock

In terms of discounts for toys, all the big players in Target, Walmart, and Amazon will have their top toys out of stocks before Black Friday. Based on what happened last year, you shouldn’t have to wait for Cyber Monday to get a deal.


Smart Home Tech Prices Will Be Very Low

Smart Home tech prices for this year will be lower than what they used to be. There is a massive market for these products, and there will be many sales.


The Year of Air Fryer

2020 will be the year for air fryers. So, air fryers last year had a large market turnout, and this year promises to be better. Shoppers will go all out to replace their old cookers with modern air fryers. So based on last year’s year’s air fryer deals, you can expect close to 50% of all popular products.


And that wraps it up! These are all some of what to expect and the predictions that we have for 2020. Have a fantastic Black Friday holiday season.

PS5 Release Date and Store Prices in the UK

Video game enthusiasts and the pro-gaming community at large have been waiting. They have been waiting for the next generation of gaming consoles, but that day is closer than ever now. 2020 is the year for the next-gen gaming console from Sony’s PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox. However, for the sake of clarity, it only discusses some important details specifically about PS5. Two essential information about the PS5 in the UK is when the PS5 comes out and how much the PS5 cost will be. This article will answer these two questions while providing you with store prices and pre-order deals in the UK.

When Is The PS5 Coming Out?

The release of PS5 Into the UK market starts on the 19th of November. If you want to increase your chances of getting one, it is better not to wait until the release day. You can sign up with any of the top UK stores to ensure you have your hands on some of the very first in the market. Various stores are already running pre-order arrangements that you sign up for to get early access.

How Much Will The Ps5 Cost?

So, first of all, there are two variations of the PS5. There is an Ultra HD optical disc and the digital-only model of the PS5. Each comes at a different price point. However, the difference is very minimal. So when we know from findings tells us that do American market for the ultra at optical disc model comes in at around $499.

In contrast, the digital-only model comes at $399, which means that it is $100 less than the optical disc model. Therefore, the PlayStation 5 will cost £449.99, while the PS5 Digital Edition will cost less at £349.99 in the UK. While these two models’ price points might be different, you will still get the same experience on both.

Where Can You Buy the PS5 in the UK?

There are a couple of well-known stores in the UK where you can get the upcoming PS5 and the 19th of November 2020. Some stores are already offering pre-orders packages that allow early access. The following stores might have PS5 available for pre-order or to buy at a later time in December:


Although it may appear currently unavailable on Amazon, you should be on the lookout at Amazon. Periodically check out Amazon within the next few days, and you could get an excellent pre-order deal just before the release date.

You can pre-order your Playstation 5 Digital Edition (£359.99) from Amazon UK.


It also appears to be out of stock today, but they will have the new PS5 in stock in due course. If you want this game, you should check Argos out once or twice a day to see any changes or developments you can use to your advantage.

You can order your PlayStation 5 Console (£449.99) from Argos.


On GAME, you can pre-order both the Blu-ray version and the digital-only version of the PlayStation 5. All you have to do is select one of these and click on the purple button that reads, “pre-order now.”

You can pre-order your Playstation 5 Console from GAME.

Smyths Toys

The latest expectancy for new stock is in December. But don’t go by that notice. If you want the PS5, you have to check out the website continually. A message on the website reads that if you already made pre-order arrangements with them, your order will be available on the release date, the 19th of November. Do not think that you should wait until December before getting your hands on the PS5. Check back, check back and check back.

You can order your PlayStation 5 Console (£449.99) from Smyths Toys.

So that is it on when the PS5 will be coming out, how much it will cost, and all the well-known UK stores that you cannot guarantee he will be able to get the new PS5. Check out these online stores for a chance to get the PS5 for yourself, a friend, or a family member.

As an international buyer, if you run into any issues while trying to purchase the new PS5 in the UK, we can help you avoid the hassle and seamlessly get you the products. We provide a personal shopper service to help you make these purchases. We also offer UK shipping addresses to our members who use our service to store their parcels in the UK and ship globally to anywhere in the world. If you need help, reach out to us through our helpline at +44 1 902 272004 or chat us up here.

Evaporative Air Cooler: 3 Things You Need to Know Before Buying

Do you sometimes feel like global warming happens right in your house? The rapid change in weather conditions within the last five years would make anyone think that. Suppose you don’t have an air conditioner system at your house; battling with heat can be very rough. An evaporative cooler is one of the best alternatives that can bring more eco-friendliness and reduce your spending. Suppose you’re someone who is also very conscious of our environment. In that case, we will strongly advise that you consider using evaporative cooling systems at your dwelling place. 


However, maybe this is all new to you. You might want to know A few things about evaporative coolers. This guide will give you a comprehensive understanding of the burning questions you may have about evaporative coolers. Most searched queries about evaporating cooling systems will see explanations in this article, which include:


  • What is Evaporative Cooling?
  • What is an Evaporative Cooler?
  • How Does Evaporative Cooling Work?
  • How to Use an Evaporative Cooling System
  • Does an Evaporative System Filter Smoke?


What is Evaporative Cooling?


Evaporative cooling is an eco-friendly heat insulation process that harnesses the evaporation of liquid through a wet pad.


What is an Evaporative Cooler?

It is a type of air conditioning system that uses water to cool the temperature. This system carries a water container that evaporates into gas to cool the atmosphere of a building. To explain in simpler terms, take your use of a face towel, for instance. When you are experiencing a bad headache, you dip that face towel into a water bowl before placing it on your head. Your head or body essentially absorbs the liquid from the face towel to cool down your head and drop the temperature for the headache to subside.


That is the process that also applies to the use of an evaporative cooler at your home. The evaporative cooling system is efficient in bringing down the heat and your surroundings on hot sunny days.


How Does Evaporative Cooling Work? 

To understand how evaporative cooling works, you need to understand the relationship between heat and water vapour. Some elements make up an evaporative cooling system; these elements ensure that it works as efficiently as it can get. Some of these elements include a water distributor, evaporative pad, water reservoir, and other features that help get better results. Most of the action of an evaporative cooling system starts from the water distributor. Essentially it holds water and dispenses it gradually into the evaporative pad. As the evaporative pad absorbs moisture from the water distributor, it meets with hot, dry air in your space. It allows the fan or blower to pressure out cold refreshing perspectives into the atmosphere.


These are just the essential elements that you would find in any evaporative cooling system. Others might have some other useful parts built into the machine to ensure that it gives you improved air quality. 


How to Use an Evaporative Cooling System

You can do a couple of things to get the best out of your evaporating cooling system. These are the best practices you can use to ensure you get maximum performance from the evaporative cooler or swamp cooler. Let’s start with the very primary first:

  1. Throw open your windows
  2. Cultivate a little gardening around the house
  3. Use cold water
  4. Clean your cooler regularly
  5. Switch the positioning of the cooler now and then


Does Evaporative Cooling Filter Smoke?

There is a tendency in an evaporative cooling system to attract smoke into the system and your home if smoke is around. It is advisable that you do not use your evaporative air conditioner during such times. 


Wrap Up

Well, that’s it on the evaporative cooling system. With this information, you should be able to do it for you aside from the regular air conditioners and the benefits such as the eco-friendly benefits.


If you want to buy an evaporative cooling system in the UK, you can reach out to us at global parcel to help you purchase at any store in the UK. We offer a personal shopper service that can help you make purchases in the UK where you have difficulty. These include credit card payments, language barriers, and any other form of issues you may have when purchasing internationally. Fully-fledged parcel forwarding company in the UK that delivers services around shipping, warehouse storage, and drop shipping services. Learn more at our website Global Parcel Forward and all of our services in detail.