Matching Christmas Pyjamas: Where to Buy in the UK

Christmas is a time for family. A time to get together and have fun. A time to gather around, have the best dishes, and enjoy life with your friends and families. There’s no better way to show the Christmas spirit other than wearing matching Christmas pyjamas during Christmas Eve or for your family Christmas card photoshoot. If you’re in the market for matching Christmas pyjamas in the UK, you are in luck. This article will examine some of the best stores where you can buy matching Christmas pyjamas at a bargain.



They have family matching Christmas pyjamas of bright colours that exhibit the spirit of Christmas. Their collection of matching Christmas PJs includes family matching pyjamas, kids matching pyjamas, mother and child matching pyjamas, and many other pieces for families.


Shop Next’s matching family pyjamas here.



If you want matching pyjamas for families of 4 or 5, you will find plenty of options on Amazon. You can also find matching pyjamas for your family dog. In the wide range of matching Christmas pyjamas on Amazon, you will also find them in bright colours such as red, green, blue, and even stripes. What makes Amazon so cool is their Christmas family PJs’ pricing—the starting price for matching Christmas PJs for families starts at £3.49. 


Shop Amazon’s matching family pyjamas here.



If twinning with your family during this Christmas period is paramount to you, you should check out Esty. They have matching family Christmas pyjamas for families of 3, 4, and 6. Most of these PJs are red, green, black, dark blue, and some other fun-looking colors. Some of their best-selling products come with free shipping within the UK. Meaning you won’t have to pay anything for that particular product to be shipped to your UK shipping address. The PJs on the site cost as low as £4.22. 


Shop Esty’s matching family pyjamas here.


Marks and Spencer


Continue your family tradition of matching pyjamas for this Christmas at Marks and Spencer store. Marks and Spencer are among the best places to get family matching pyjamas in the UK this Christmas. They have a wide range of pyjamas that you would love to have. If you are a Mum or a Dad, you will find plenty of choices at Marks and Spencer for yourself, your spouse, kids, and babies who are out of ages 1 to 3. They have them in all shades of colour such as red, black, and light grey. 


Shop Mark and Spencer matching family pyjamas here.



If you want matching Christmas PJs for couples, you can find that on George. They also have Christmas PJs for kids and other family members in different colours such as white, black, and red. They also have one of the lowest price points for matching Christmas pyjamas in the UK, starting at £6.


Shop George’s matching family pyjamas here.


Wrap Up

With this guide, you should be able and ready to shop for matching Family Christmas PJs in the UK without hesitation. You will find plenty of options in any of the stores mentioned above, check them out and make your choices from their wide range of selections. You, your spouse, and the kids deserve to continue your tradition of wearing matching Christmas Xmas PJs, and these online store sites can get all that you need. Get your products in the UK as fast as possible and at an affordable rate.


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4 Quick and Easy Steps to Remove a Screen Protector

Glass screen protectors do go through a beating after a few years of use. They are the shield, protecting our phones from scratch, cracks, and all other types of wear and tear. However, even as tough as they may be, they inevitably degenerate in quality from everyday use. Whether you use an iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, or any other manufacturer out there, this is the ultimate guide on removing a screen protector. If you have had to ask yourself the question, “how to remove screen protector?” This quick and easy DIY tutorial that will cost you nothing but a few home tools. If that sounds good, let’s get into it.

Tools for Removing the Screen Protector

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” That means the most important thing here is the tool. Perhaps, you can do it even faster with a chainsaw these days. Nonetheless, you get the message. In that same vein, there are some tools you need to gather before you begin. Luckily, all of these tools are tools that you already have in your household. Some of which are optional, while others are alternative to remove the glass screen protector.

  1. A toothpick 
  2. A credit card or business card
  3. A hairdryer
  4. Wet wipes

Step 1: Use the Toothpick to Lift a Corner

The first step is to use the toothpick to lift your glass screen protector’s top right corner. All you need to do with the toothpick is to get underneath the glass screen protector just enough to slide in the credit card or business card into that opening. Now, suppose you experience some difficulty or unsuccessful with the use of a toothpick. In that case, that is when you will need to use the hairdryer. So use the hairdryer to loosen the glue that holds the glass screen protector down.

Sidenote: These same steps apply to all other smartphones in the market.

Step 2: Use the Credit Card to Loosen the Screen Protector’s Edges

Once you’ve been able to lift the right corner of the screen with the toothpick and the credit card, remove the toothpick and slide the credit card all through the other three edges of the glass screen protector. You can also repeat this process one more time, so you leave no margin for error.

Step 3: Slowly and Carefully Pill Off the Screen Protector

With your credit card still at the top of the screen, slide the card from the top. The card should go through the middle and down to the bottom’s glass screen protector. You should also simultaneously inmate the glass screen protector away from your iPhone screen. The idea behind this is to slowly and gently remove the glass from home without damaging your actual screen. 

Step 4: Use Wet Wipes to Clear the Actual Phone Screen

Once the glass screen protector is removable from the phone, put it aside, and now pick up your wet wipes to clean your phone’s actual screen. Do this gently and carefully to remove dirt. 

And that’s a wrap. That is how to remove the glass screen protector from your iPhone or any other phone you might own. Please share this with somebody who wants to replace the glass screen protector on their phone.

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Where to Buy Outdoor Coffee Table in the UK

Having that space where you can have your coffee or tea with your family and friends can be a great plus. Before you do any other thing in the morning, it is an excellent way to start someone’s day. One way to get into this state of mind is to get furniture specific to the outdoor lifestyle. You can live and enjoy your time outdoors with some form of furniture that makes you feel the sunlight and fresh air. One way to make this a reality is to look for where to buy an outdoor coffee table that you can use at your home. If you are looking to buy an outdoor coffee table in the UK, this guide will allow you to walk through all the major stores. There are garden coffee tables made with vintage, contemporary, modern materials. So stick around to the end of this article for the UK’s significant stores where you can find an outdoor coffee table.


Made in Design

Leading with some of the most aesthetically pleasing looks,  the outdoor coffee table at Made in Design is worthy. Interestingly, most of their garden coffee tables are eco-friendly. That makes it very durable and friendly to the environment, mainly because this is an item that will be sitting in your garden and the open space of your own home. Their products are one of the best looking outdoor coffee tables we’ve seen. They come in all forms and shapes, and they push the boundaries of design. However, these products do not come cheap. Buy here.


Maisons du Monde

Talk about aesthetics; Maisons du Monde has numerous outdoor coffee tables to amplify your outdoor home lifestyle. Many outdoor coffee tables on their online store are of high-quality materials and crafted with attention to details. Some are wooden, metal, wicker, iron, and so on. The store has over 40 pages of outdoor coffee tables in different sizes, shapes, and fun factors. Check out their site for unique styles and forms of garden coffee tables. Buy here.



Most of the outdoor coffee tables on Esty are relatively standard. Many of them drift towards everyday use of wood and metal. In terms of shape, they are mostly rectangular and circular shapes. Nevertheless, many of the products there are of great substance. You would find a wide range of garden coffee tables as there is no shortage of fine materials. Some of these products come with free delivery within the UK. Suppose you are using our Warehouse, deliver to us, and we will process international shipping arrangements for you. Buy here.



Wayfair has a large inventory of products that you could buy to beautify your porch. The filtering log on the online store can help you quickly streamline things to find your favourite. It is an excellent way to see what you want and see if they have those specifications regarding the shape and colour. Some of these outdoor coffee tables also come with free two-day delivery within the UK. Wayfair has over a gazillion different garden coffee tables for sale on their online store. You will find many of their garden coffee tables made mostly out of wood, metal, plastic, stone, ceramics, or weaker. Buy here.



ManoMano prides itself on the premise that they have the best outdoor coffee tables price in the UK. Looking at their products and price points, they have relatively affordable prices. Notwithstanding, they have excellent wood, metal, wicker, and other materials. You can give free delivery almost all of their product comes within the UK. That is also a good point for you if you are interested in buying a garden coffee table. Buy here.



At first glance, there is not much that is pleasing to the eyes on eBay. Nonetheless, eBay has tabletops for outdoor coffee tables. These are marbles in different designs and colours. They have a wide range of marble tabletop for coffee tables. You can check them out if specific to you is only the tabletop of a coffee table. You would find many marbles that have simple or aesthetically pleasing designs on the top of it. Also, filter down to see you which of the marbles you would like to buy based on the available parameters on the site’s left side. Plus, you can also get free shipping within the UK. Head over to eBay for some of the outdoor coffee tabletops that you can find on their website. Buy here.



Amazon has hundreds and hundreds of outdoor coffee tables on their website. They come in different sizes, shapes, and forms. When writing this article, many other garden coffee tables are straightforward and straight to the point you have with the regular shapes currently on the website. Head over there and see for yourself what day at whatever time suits you. Buy here.


To beautify and give you that space for your outdoor routine, you can check out these stores for more outdoor coffee tables. There are no leading materials, and none of them is more beneficial than the other. It all depends on your needs and wants around the coffee tables. We hope you as an international buyer in the UK now know where you can buy outdoor coffee tables.


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Where to Buy Hedge Trimmer in the UK

While having a clean garden is admirable, you must have the tools to beautify the garden. Gardening tools are one of the most important things that you can use to maintain your surroundings. This article discusses some of the best stores to get a hedge trimmer in the UK as an international buyer. If you are looking for where to buy hedge trimmers in the UK, this list will give you a comprehensive glimpse. All of the best stores specific to gardening tools in the UK are in our list below. Consider this our guide to buying hedge trimmers in the UK for international buyers.



We always seem to mention Amazon regarding any of the products that we write about. Well, that is because they have one of the world’s largest inventories and can provide you with any products you can need. Therefore, it is no surprise that Amazon has loads of hedge trimmers on their online website in the UK.  Many hedge trimmers on Amazon are of the best quality and from some of the UK’s best brands. If you’re in the market for a hedge trimmer in the UK, we suggest that you check out Amazon first to see what they have in store for you.


Buy gardening tools at Amazon.



There are so many hedge trimmers on the Argos website that you will find very useful. Most of their hedge trimmers come at different price points and sizes, which could suit what you have in mind. Therefore, it is one of the best websites and online stores you could get a hedge trimmer in the UK for a very reasonable price. At the same time, you can be sure that it comes from a trusted brand in the market. 


Buy gardening tools at Argos.



One good thing about Homebase online stock is that it showcases a lot of cordless hedge trimmer. As you may well know, cordless hedge trimmers give you a lot more room to do what you want to do because it is less of a hassle when using it. There are different hedge trimmers at various price points on their site. So check them out and see the cordless or electric hedge trimmer that may interest you.


Buy gardening tools at Homebase.


Just Lawnmowers

At the time of writing this article, there are quite some hedge trimmers in stock.  They feature some of the best brands in the hedge trimmer gardening market. However, several of them seem to be out of stock at the time of writing this article. Nonetheless, you will find some other brands that are of high-quality products. They also come at different price points, so check them out to see what they have in stock.


Buy gardening tools at Just Lawnmowers.



The eBay store has quite a few ranges of hedge trimmers. These include petrol, corded, and battery hedge trimmers. They have a list of some of the best-selling hedge trimmers on their website, and most of their products come with either free delivery or a few years of warranty. The price points are different on eBay, according to the brands. However, some are quite affordable and while there are some over £100. Head over to the eBay store to check out what they have and decide from there.


Buy gardening tools on eBay.



Wickes is another store that has a large stock of hedge trimmers. They are well into the market of hedge trimmers. They have a vast collection of hedge trimmers that are affordable yet from known brands worldwide. Suppose you are interested in getting a hedge trimmer in the UK. In that case, there is a cordless or electronic type in their stock. 


Buy gardening tools at Wickes.



As you already know, hedge trimmers come in different sizes, form factors, shapes, and all. On the Einhell site, they have a quantity range of products like the ones we have mentioned so far in this article. Their hedge trimmers range from petrol to electrical types. 


Buy gardening tools at Einhell.


We hope this guides you with the store where you can buy hedge trimmers in the UK at an affordable price. Check out each one of these stores to compare their products, styles, and prices.


For an international buyer to buy in the UK is only the first step towards having these kids’ umbrellas delivered to you. The convenience and confidence to buy, notwithstanding the troubles of international shopping and shipping, lie with the use of a parcel forwarding service. Our team at Global Parcel Forward can make all these purchases for you. At the same time, you fund us to avoid payment restrictions and other forms of terms and conditions with UK international shopping. Learn more about Global Parcel Forward services from a personal shopper, warehouse, and shipping services.

7 Best Stores to Buy Kids Umbrellas in the UK

As the rains pour down in some parts of the world, keeping ourselves and our kids safe from cold becomes more important. There is no better time to stock up for businesses that retail Parasols & Rain Umbrellas than right now. Suppose you are looking to buy quality yet cheap kids’ umbrellas in the UK, read on to find out the top stores to visit in the UK.



There are a plethora of options to choose kids’ umbrellas on Amazon. These children umbrellas are from the best brands in the UK, which include Playshoes, TOOGE, ZOMAKE, G4Free, Hatley, to name a few. You will also find kids umbrellas for boys and girls within their large online stock. You can quickly head over to Amazon’s Kids Umbrella and make your purchase for as low as £8.99.



Currently, the kids’ umbrellas on eBay follow the trends that kids have come to love so much over the years. That is the power of pop cultures. Its merchandise has influences from the gaming world, cartoon, anime, and other forms of the movie franchise. You will find these kids’ umbrellas choices on eBay to be affordable as pricing starts from as low as £5, especially on kids’ raincoats. Also, there are both kids umbrella options for both boys and girls alike. Check out Ebay’s Kid’s Umbrella for that.



You might not have heard before, but after checking their store, you will see the reasons why they are on our list. To clear the suspense, Brolliesgolore is an umbrella bouquet that retails all sorts of umbrellas for all ages, occasions, people, style; you name it. They have it all and loads in the category children’s umbrella. What Brolliesgolore makes ever better on their online store is how they have everything in each category of kids’ umbrellas sorted out. You can quickly look through their subsets of kid’s umbrellas, including cartoon characters, animals, kids umbrellas for boys, lace parasols, and so much more. Visit Brolliesgolore’s Kids’ Umbrella page to check their children’s umbrellas sections, starting at £12.95.


Umbrella Heaven

As the name already suggests, Umbrella Heaven proud themselves with colour selections of kids’ umbrellas on their store. You will find kid’s umbrellas for girls and boys alike within the easy to navigate card view of products. A drop-down of their kids’ umbrella stock is available, so you can also use that to streamline your search. Their children’s umbrellas start at £8.33. Check out Umbrella Heaven for what they have in stock.



To quote Susino, “Our kid’s umbrellas are designed for children but with all the functionality of a full-size umbrella. We create high-quality kids umbrellas that delight children. Our children’s umbrellas are fun and practical”. Every bit of that information is correct to their style and focus on kids’ umbrellas. They have one of the most affordable prices, starting at £7.99. Their umbrellas are unisex in nature, fit into the subsets of children’s umbrella for boys and girls. Check out Susino, and maybe you would hit the checkout button with some umbrella stroller for your toddler or retail business stock.



If colour and flowery images are a part of your kids’ style, then you will want to check out Jollybrolly. They have fancy, cartoon-like, and fun looking kids umbrellas that every kid will love to have. It is no doubt that kids love bright colours and flowers, so they have a worthy stock of kids umbrellas for boys and girls. You will find many of their selections of toddlers’ umbrellas with a start price of 12.99. Checkout Jollybrolly Kids’ Umbrella and see for yourself what you can get.


Umbrella World

If looking for a bright, fun kids’ umbrella to shade your children? Then check out Umbrella World range of characters and printed umbrellas. They have something for both boys and girls. They have different price points for other brands/types of kids’ umbrellas. However, you could find some to be as low as 5.99 in their store. So check out the fantastic range from Umbrella World and get some shade for your kids. 


Wrap Up

Have your kids avoid sun and rain that stops the fun. With an umbrella for the kids, you can be sure they can keep safe and away from the colds of the rain or the burning rashes of the sun. Take this seven list of UK online stores as your gateway to purchasing products that protect your little ones under any climate or weather conditions. 


For an international buyer to buy in the UK is only the first step towards having these kids’ umbrellas delivered to you. The convenience and confidence to buy, notwithstanding the troubles of international shopping and shipping, lie with the use of a parcel forwarding service. Our team at Global Parcel Forward can make all these purchases for you. At the same time, you fund us to avoid payment restrictions and other forms of terms and conditions with UK international shopping. Learn more about our services at Global Parcel Forward for more information about our personal shopper, warehouse, and shipping services.

18 Best Items to Buy on Black Friday

Year after year, Black Friday has proven to be the perfect sales time to buy some high-value products at a discount. This article lists out 18 Best Items to Buy on Black Friday. If you wait till Black Friday, these 18 best items to buy on Black Friday will be worth the wait.


So you want a compilation list of what you should buy on Black Friday? And don’t worry, this list will give you an in-depth look at all that you may need on Black Friday 2020 sales. This list of items will equip you with the best, most bought product on Black Friday sales. So look forward to the list below, saving you from the headache and money.



TVs run out of stock fast once Black Friday sales begin. Many shoppers like an upgrade on their TVs and Black Friday presents the best offers for shoppers to make an affordable investment towards that. If you are also looking to replace your TV, you should hold off until Black Friday comes around. There will be no shortage of options once Black Friday finally begins that you can snap up for a good deal.


Smart TV Accessories

Something that you would also like to get is accessories for your new TV set. You can grab amazon fire tv stick or Google Chromecast to your tv.  


Video Games and Consoles

Thinking about getting your hands on a new set of video games and consoles, you might want to be just a little more patient for the Black Friday sales window. Various stores will offer deals on Xbox One and Playstation 4 for a good deal that will leave you smiling home like you won the lottery. 


Laptops and iPads 

Buying laptops and iPads early in the year can see you shell out much cash. If this is not a pressing need, what you want to do is you want to wait till it is November, and then you can go out and buy your favourite laptop or iPad at a fraction of the actual price. 



Just like laptops and iPads, buying new phones during the early month of the year can cost you a lot. Black Friday sales will see you save a little or get some cashback as gift cards.


Smart Home Assistance

Smart home assistant products are still relatively new in the market. So if saving money is your goal, you might want to wait to get some of these products at a discount on Black Friday. 


Home Appliances

Home and kitchen appliances are very popular with Black Friday sales. You can get refrigerators, dishwashers, pressure cookers, or your household coffee maker. So you can wake up to a great coffee in the morning at a fraction of the price. Several stores like Amazon, AO, Argos offer discounts with plenty of options to make your choice.



Black Friday is one of the best times to buy clothes at a pretty modest price. Select a few stores that you’d like to shop at for Black Friday sales.



Sneakers usually drop in price throughout September and October. So when November rolls around, a lot of these shoes typically go on discounts.


Beauty Products

Cosmetic stores will be selling out all of their old inventories for a fraction of their original price. Believe it or not, there will be loads of sales for as little as £15.



Vacuum your house with a smart vacuum cleaner that can do the work for you by just pressing the button. When it comes to Black Friday sales, you should invest in getting one of these on Black Friday for an affordable price. Some vacuums that go for as low as £45 on Black Friday sale.



luggage of solid materials does not come cheap. However, you will have Black Friday to thank. It is one item that you will indeed need, especially going into the holiday travel season. 



If you’re someone who likes listening to music, you will relish headphones deals on Black Friday. You may not find the highly coveted Apple earbuds on a discount. However, if you are flexible with brands, you will find something worthy of money in the market on Black Friday. You can get some earphones for as low as 50%. Amazon was selling Beats Solo three wireless headphones for 50% off in 2018. 


Slow Cooker

If you have had your eyes on getting yourself a new slow cooker all year, this Black Friday is your chance to get one at a discount. Slow Cookers are one of the most sought after products available during Black Friday. And you will be sure to get a few options from different stores when it finally comes around.


Designer Handbags

We’ve said this in one of our previous articles, but this is one to mention again. Designer handbags go out very fast during Black Friday. So, you have to be on your toes for this one ladies. If you want to get it at a low rate then, Black Friday is for you – get some of your favourite branded handbags, ladies.


Winter Clothings

So winter clothing never stops coming on sale during Black Friday. So, it is one of the best times to get ready for the winter of December and January by buying some clothes at a discount. It is just one of those things you need to get your hands on before it goes out of stock. December is just around the corner, and you need to keep warm for the long haul of December and January. So this product is essential for everyone in Europe and across North America.


Fitness Trackers

Why not jumpstart your New Year’s resolution? You can be sure to find some deals on Fitness trackers on a discount during Black Friday, and you can start working on your fitness goals against the New Year.



Smartwatches are very much on the market during Black Friday sales. These products are one of the best gadgets to get on Black Friday because it can save you some money.


Amazon Product

Amazon always offers great deals on its products on Black Friday. You will get some of the best value products on Amazon. You should see some of the product deals that are available right now, what you can expect from Amazon UK, and get ready to have some huge discounts. 


We hope this helps you to make arrangements for your shopping experience for Black Friday. Makeout your personalized list from this and buy what you need for the forthcoming Black Friday. Have fun shopping! You can also read about the hacks to better use your time during the Black Friday season.


For tips to get even better deals on these products, learn some of our best practice tips. Use this list as your guide on what you need to lay off until Black Friday comes around. You will be happy you are saving money and time in the process once you start getting these items at discounts.


If you need shopping or shipping assistance in the UK, you can use our personal shopper and international shipping services to make your purchases move from the UK to wherever you want. You can chat with us directly by following this link or send us a message on our support page here. Feel free to also ring us during our office hours on +44 1902 272004. For FAQs, read the information on our FAQs page.